With so many different types of graphics you can create, it’s hard to know where to start and what is essential graphic design for your business. While your marketing campaigns may have differing graphic requirements, we’ve found that the essential graphic design for a business can be broken down into 3 different categories. These are graphics for building your visual identity, creating digital campaigns and utilising print promotion. Of course, there are many more types of designs that may be useful to you, but these are the designs that are at the core of effectively communicating to your audience.

Where you might create graphics for digital marketing campaigns monthly, or even weekly, graphics for visual identity will only need to be created once and should really be where you start. Although print promotion is becoming less common, utilising it strategically may help you stand out as people are receiving a lot more noise from online sources.

Why Graphic Design is Important for Every Business?

Businesses need graphic design in order to create marketing material that stands out and catches the attention of their target audience. Over 60% of marketers find that graphic design is crucial for successful marketing; this could be for websites, brochures, Google ads and more.  

As more and more businesses enter markets and gain an online presence, competition gets fiercer and graphic design becomes increasingly important. Good graphic design will effectively communicate your brand message with your target audience by standing out from your competition.  

Building your visual identity

Essential Graphic Design: Building your Visual Identity

Building your brand’s visual identity is crucial for leaving a lasting impact on your audience. It comprises of your logo, imagery, typography, colour and creative design that all pieces together to communicate who you are to your customers. With people making judgements about likeability, trustworthiness and competence based on appearance in only 0.1 seconds, it’s crucial to create a visual identity that reflects your business values and message.

In order to create a complete visual identity that you can continue to use to communicate consistently, you will need a couple of key graphic design assets. The essential graphic design assets you will need to build your brand are:

Digital Campaign Graphics

Essential Graphic Design: Digital Campaign Graphics

Graphic design has shown to make a monumental impact on the effectiveness of a digital campaign. While you may have a great sale or piece of content, it is great graphic design that will catch your audience’s attention and communication your campaign message. Statistics show that the average person will be exposed to more than 5000 ads and brands every day. However only 12 of these ads will leave a lasting impression on them. The key to their success – great graphic design.  

When you are piecing together your digital campaign, there may be a number of different channels you choose to promote through. The essential graphic design assets you will need for your next digital marketing campaign are:  

Print Promotional Graphics

Essential Graphic Design: Print Promotional Graphics

You may have heard the common phrase, ‘print is dead’. Here at Dweebi, we beg to differ. While print promotion doesn’t have the same volume as it used to, you can use this to your advantage. With more businesses swamping digital channels, your print promotion has the opportunity to stand out and make a lasting impression. Studies have found that print marketing provokes a more emotional response than digital ads and that this form of advertising is more trustworthy. Not just that but 1/3 of customers will buy a product based on its packaging 

We don’t recommend using print promotion all the time as it won’t have as much of an impact. What we do recommend is to make your print promotions effective with top-notch graphic design. Catch your audience’s attention before they discard your promotional print. Your next print promotion could include: 

How Can Dweebi’s Graphic Design Services Help?

Even though it seems like there is a lot of essential graphic design for a business, once you have crafted your visual identity, you can work strategically over time to create digital campaigns and print promotions that will benefit you most. 

Here at Dweebi, we offer an unlimited graphic design service as well as the typical stand-alone graphic design. What unlimited graphic design means is that your business can have access to ongoing graphic design at a flat monthly fee. Without hidden costs, you can choose a plan that suits your needs and upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. With unlimited graphic design, you have a designer on hand but without the hassle and overheads of an in-house designer or the expense of a freelancer 

Essential Graphic Design
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