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Here at Dweebi, we’re focused on fostering sustainable growth and reaching your goals through inbound marketing. We ideate, create, measure and learn as we build brands, boost sales and optimise your growth.

We’re passionate about what people and technology can achieve together. Our diverse team of specialists work together to design and develop websites, create impactful campaigns and deliver marketing strategies that help you grow exponentially.

However, it’s not just what we do, but how we do it. Our team is passionate, insightful and friendly. We guarantee that our communication is two ways, we listen to what you need, and we also make sure you understand what we can do to help. Let’s work together to create a strategy that will foster long-term growth with compelling content, brilliant design and impactful delivery.

So, who is the team behind the madness?

meet the team

Zachary Brewer

Creative Director, Project Manager

Like I’ve said, I’m not your usual geek. I love board games (I guess that is still a bit geeky), but I also love getting out on the water. Whether it’s wakeboarding or just swimming at the beach, I’m happy. I also enjoy eating healthy and keeping active with my weekly mixed netball games. Above all, I love spending time with my wife and sons.

Kale Bullen

Web Developer, Project Manager

I teach IT in TAFE and I aim to become an integral part of the IT sector. I have found that my patience, teamed with inner wit and knowledge skills, allows me to overcome most of the challenges set in my path. Outside of my work life, I am quite the gaming enthusiast and I enjoy modifying/tweaking/building gaming machines. When I’m not at a computer, I can usually be found outside tweaking imported cars.
Amira Bird

Creative Writer

I love to read, write, daydream and to learn new theories about dystopian fiction. My favourite thing about working here is the experiences I have with this amazing team. We all get along so well, and I know that going into the office will mean smiling faces, friendly banter and genuine care for each other. More than anything I am so grateful that I can follow my passion for writing.

Ian Mitchell

SEO + PPC Specialist, Web Developer

I wear a few hats within the company but I specialise in marketing and repairs. Having worked here for almost a year now, I love that we are basically one big family. I’ve been working in IT field for 4 years and am an avid gamer, I’m also a bit of a master chef around the house. FUN FACT: The French put Napoleon in 7 coffins because they thought he would be too powerful if he came back from the dead.

Maurício Alves

Creative Genius, Graphic Designer

I’m a designer and illustrator living in Brazil. I’m in love with everything related to art and my experience spans across brand development, creative ideation, art direction and illustrations. Most of my free time is spent with my family and friends, but I also love to sketch, play drums and video games. I believe that happiness is not a place to get to, but a way to get there.

Adriel Salomao

Graphic Designer

I’m a designer living in Brazil. I love branding and everything graphic design. I’ve worked at many design agencies and other companies but the thing I like the most about working here is to meet new people and cultures from beyond my country. In my spare time I like to play video games (especially COD and FIFA), watch some movies and to spend time with my friends and family.  When I’m working I like to listen to indie music as I find it keeps me focused.

Marcos Marcondes
Marcos Marcondes

Front End Developer

Where do I begin? Well, first let me grab my coffee mug. What I love most about working with web development is that it’s an area that will never stops innovating which gives me the possibility to do a lot of crazy things. Outside of web development, I enjoy getting out and camping by the river or staying in with some old films and a couple of pizzas. My top piece of advice is to remember to straighten your posture and drink some water!


Hannah Moody

Creative Writer

Based in the UK, I’m a creative marketer with a passion for digital content. In the short time I’ve been part of the Dweebi team, I’ve found it to have a great atmosphere and amazing people to work with. When I’m not writing, I love to take my dog, Zelda, for long walks as well as play board games and Minecraft.

The quote that I relate the most to is “”You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – Wayne Gretzky” – Michael Scott”.




now that you know us...

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As you get to know dweebi, you’ll get to see that we aren’t just your usual geeks. We’ve got the professional standards of a company but the heart and personability of your local go-to guys.


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