Kicking (marketing) goals in the first half for KIKOFF Football


Recently, KIKOFF Football revamped their soccer fields and underwent a rebrand which brought their different football product together under the same brand. Following this, they were looking to re-invest in their marketing endeavours. 

Here’s how we built the foundation for strong ongoing marketing that utilised a balanced approach for immediate results and sustainable growth.


Previously, KIKOFF invested a large amount of money into their marketing. However, as it was primarily paid marketing, the effects of that investment subsided over time.  

Since it had been 2 years and a pandemic since their last investment into marketing, KIKOFF approached us to give their marketing a kick start and to start scoring goals as quickly as possible.  

While immediate results was a key factor for KIKOFF, they also wanted to ensure they didn’t end up in the same place as before where the effects of their marketing would wear off almost overnight.


With this in mind, we knew that our role was to not only increase signups for KIKOFF across their product range but to building brand awareness and online presence as well. As we were just starting, our initial target was a 100% ROAS for their advertising as well as an increase in online visibility.  

While the focus was on SEO content, graphic design and paid advertising, we also put together emails and social posts as retainer time allowed. 

All of this was enhanced by our Unlimited Graphic Design package that allowed for the high demands of fresh graphics to be used across the website, social media and advertising platforms. 



Playing both the offense and defence

It was important to us to take a balanced approach to our game. And, finding a balance between long-term growth and immediate effect is always a delicate task. If you invest heavily in one, you’ll often find that budget makes the other unimpactful. Whether that’s because of lack of immediate results tightening the budget, or too much budget being consumed by media spend. 

SEO Content

Our primary focus was to update pillar pages to target SEO keywords that resonate with the product and their audience.  

Alongside this, KIKOFF had existing content on their website, so we knew that was an opportunity. After conducting keyword research and identifying key areas of the KIKOFF areas, we were able to identify existing blog posts that we optimised for a quick win.  

game-on advertising banner

Paid Advertising

As KIKOFF haven’t invested in their marketing in a few years, we were starting from scratch for their paid advertising. The people they previously connected with had either become too old for junior soccer or may have moved out of the area.  

So, we used Facebook advertising to target our key demographic and build brand awareness with our target audience, and in the right locations for each soccer field.  

We also used Search Ads to be able to reach people actively looking for football games, coaching and kid’s parties. The great thing about these is that you only pay when people click on the ads. So, having high-quality and targeted ads means that we are only paying to reach people who are keenly interested in the services.  

KIKOFF Football social media posts

Tracking & Analytics

HubSpot allows for advanced tracking and oversight of ad campaigns as well as blogs and source traffic. However, we took that a step further to be able to track conversions and their value using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.  

Working with the client, we could determine our goal value by calculating the average value of a conversion as well as how many leads typically convert to gain the average goal value.  

Not only is this key for demonstrating our ROAS (return on ad spend) targets have been met, but it helps for marketing departments to convey value to wider teams and stakeholders. 


In the first quarter, we increased website sessions by 60% to over 10,000 sessions. Our marketing efforts also led to 276 new contacts generated (1352% increase quarter-on-quarter). In this time, we not only updated all of the key product landing pages with SEO-optimised content, but we also revisited the landing page design to ensure they’re optimised for conversion. Additionally, while we were there, we updated the page to include animation to level up the on-page experience and brand recognition. 

We not only achieved the initial goal of 100% ROAS, but over doubled it with 266.3% ROAS in the first quarter. While this won’t be our ultimate goal, with a healthy ROAS sitting around 400%, it takes time to optimise campaigns and different products have a longer lifecycle than others.  

For example, the Kids Soccer Parties ads on Google had a quick buyer’s journey and were our best performing ads with a 1043% ROAS. 


increase in website traffic


increase in blog traffic

doubled our ROAS target in the first quarter

Google ads banner - KIKOFF
Holiday camps display advertising
Coaching trial promotion

One of our favourite things is to see the immediate effects of an advertising campaign coupled with the ongoing growth of a solid SEO content strategy.  Plus, with great graphic design, our it’s not just the numbers that look great, it’s the content and ads too!

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